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Most of this work has grown out of an idea that was started at a 9/11 memorial in New York.  The Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance / Tribute Walk at Coney Island was created after the attacks; it is a fitting monument to the 417 brave First Responders who perished on that day:  firefighters, police officers, and numerous other public servants.  And now, years later, 6 Angels has decided to add our military veterans, and in particular our Wounded Warriors, to be recognized as part of this project.

The first song in the series was written and produced back in 2007.  The Wall / Remember Me was written as a collaboration with the Jeremy Graham Band (JGB) in Augusta, GA.  It was originally developed as a long poem that was translated into song lyrics; a video was added displaying the faces of the Fallen on The Wall.  It was selected by D&M Records for a compilation CD Country Fest 2008. That CD showcased 10 original songs that the producers regarded as the best new Country songs by independent artists for 2008.  As part of the promotion to sell the CD, D&M Records put a notation on their website that a portion of the proceeds would be donated to the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation (NFFF).  That small note led to the second poem and song – Red Wagon. 

6 Angels has already started on the next phase of the Project Red Wagon, about Law Enforcement Officers (LEO’s).  There are several poems and at least two new songs and videos are in production to enhance the display on the website. 

The video below is dedicated to our police, firefighters and first responders who gave selflessly countless times to protect and serve.  

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