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The latest venture (2019) is a song that was almost 10 years in the making.  ‘Don’t Leave Us Behind’ began as a poem written by Paul Hickey as a dedication to a Wounded Warrior that he met while raising funds to build the Wall of Remembrance.  CPT Leslie Smith, US Army (retired), was brought to the dedication of the Wall of Remembrance in 2009 by Hollywood actor Gary Sinise (aka LT Dan from Forrest Gump).  Gary is a big supporter of The Wall.  Paul got to meet Leslie and spend some time listening to her story, and later sat down to write the poem about her.  The original poem hangs in both Fisher Houses in Augusta, GA as well as another Fisher House facility at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. 



After numerous rejections by various artists and musicians over 10 years, Paul finally found someone willing to take on the task of producing a song about our nation’s Wounded Warriors; that person was, once again, Jason Lucas.  Jason had moved from Nashville to Idaho to be on the family ranch and set up a new recording studio; he formed the Lucas Production Group (LPG).  Jason recruited Evan Denlinger as the vocalist while Paul selected J D Ayers for the narration, and Chris Chilton produced the video.  Within a month the song was at the ‘demo’ stage, and a sophisticated video was added by Christmas 2018.

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