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About Us

6 Angels Productions is opening an exciting new chapter in its history.

We are focusing on the people who make our lives safe. 

The ones who are “just one phone call away” when we need them. 

Police - Protect and Serve

Firefighters and Emergency Medical Services - Save lives and Protect property

Military - Deter war and Protect the security of our country


Our goal is to present poems, songs and videos highlighting the sacrifices of our military, police and First Responders. 

We've also added a growing segment on the Coronavirus.   

This all began in 2007 with a poem and song about the Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance and Tribute Walk.  The Wall / Remember Me is a 9/11 tribute song and was performed by the Jeremy Graham Band (JGB) from Augusta, GA.

In 2010 we produced another song from a poem – Red Wagon.  That was performed live to a national audience for six consecutive years at the National Fallen Fighter Foundation Memorial Weekend.  A young lady named Jaycie Ward sang that song, and Jason Lucas produced it.

Our latest offering, which was just completed, is about the military – in particular our Wounded Warriors.  Jason Lucas also produced this song, Don’t Leave Us Behind.  Evan Denlinger led with the vocals and Jason Lucas provided the background chorus; JD Ayers voiced the narration.  Jay Messina, a well-known audio engineer/producer in New York, mastered the final product while Chris Chilton out in L.A. produced the video.  It was a real team effort.  Thank you to everyone.

In the future we plan more entertainment and information.  One song that is already in the works, Blue Soldiers, is about Police Officers.

And while we are taking this new direction you can still access our Archive file of poems and songs about baseball and life in general.


We hope that you will join us to recognize and honor their accomplishments and their humanity.

Check out our website for up-to-date information on national events, and please send us your information on local events.


All poems, videos, and songs, unless specifically noted, are © Paul Hickey, 6 Angels Productions

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